I spend my professional life helping clients figure out how best to tell their stories. When they come to us, they’ve made their strategic decisions and developed the product or service, and our job is simply to help them figure out how best to go to market.

I think that’s a lot like the experience of interviewing and hiring students to fill internships and entry-level positions. I’ve done a lot of hiring and informational interviews over the course of my career and been interviewed by hundreds of prospective clients myself.

You’re coming to the table as a student, parent, or college professional. The product, the student, is largely completed or on a reasonably clear path. So now’s the time to think about how you’re going to sell that product. Who’s your likely customer? What is your unique selling proposition? How are you different from the competition? I think if you follow along with me, I can help you make the most compelling possible case.

Both of our sons attended small liberal arts colleges from the book Colleges That Change Lives. Our oldest son, Nick, graduated from the University of Puget Sound in Washington, majoring Biology, minoring in the Humanities, with a concentration in Bioethics. Our younger son, Jake, attended Denison University in Ohio, majoring in Economics, minoring in Philosophy. I served for four years on the Puget Sound Parent Council and three on the Denison Parent Advancement Council. I continue to be a resource for current Denison students who contact me. As a result of those roles and my years of volunteering in my community, I meet with a lot of high school and college students, so I’ve had ample opportunity to observe ambitious, engaged students.

I finished my book, Launch Like A Rocket, and you can buy it on Amazon.com if you want an in-depth outline of the essential soft skills you’ll need to succeed after college and specifics practicing while in school.

And, since a successful launch requires navigating in space, I also write and talk about financial and internet privacy issues quite a bit as well.